An introduction to
Design Thinking, Greengineering, and
Maker Spaces
for Educators

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Our 3-day STEAM Design Bootcamp offers educators an in-depth, experiential introduction to the Office of Ingenuity’s approach to (Stanford’s Design Thinking and our award-winning Greengineering programs. Participants will learn how STEAM Design can be used to engage students in challenging projects that foster Mastery, Autonomy, and Purpose (aka M.A.P. makers). The Office of Ingenuity helps schools all over the world create Maker Spaces for M.A.P. Makers.

Participants will learn how to:
  • navigate a design challenge
  • practice facilitating part of the design process
  • review and work with the Office of Ingenuity’s Greengineering Design Lab curriculum materials, including our one-semester courses, Xplore GNRG, Fashioneering and the Senior Capstone Projects.
  • participate in conversations on a variety of topics related to implementing Design, Greengineering, and STEAM projects in schools, and creating Maker Spaces that facilitate M.A.P. Makers
  • initiate STEAM Design curriculum in their own schools and network with like-minded educators

Your $550 fee for the STEAM Design Bootcamp for Educators includes the workshop, curriculum materials, and breakfast/lunch/snack on all three days of the session. Limited spots July 29, 30, 31 or August 6, 7, 8

At the Office of Ingenuity’s world-renowned educational design lab (Newton’s Lab, the innovation hub of the Newton Public Schools) created in partnership with PTC, hundreds of visitors from around the world have asked, "How can we implement a Maker Space or a Greengineering Design Lab in our schools?"
For seven years, we have pioneered the teaching of STEAM Design to students. We are experts at creating hands-on, project-based, STEAM Design curricula. Come learn from experienced educators how to implement a similar program at your school.

This bootcamp will enable you and your teams to efficiently create projects that will foster your students' Design Thinking skills, preparing them for the future. First, you will experience Design Thinking in action through an introductory, hands-on activity. Then, you'll move into an extended real-life Greengineering project, going into each aspect of our 3D Learning process in depth. 3D Learning captures the dynamic design process in three easy steps of Discovery, Design, Delivery. Join us and learn how much is possible when learning has no limits.

Contact Steve Chinosi, Chief Innovation Officer, Newton Public Schools and the Founder and Director of the Office of Ingenuity at __schinosi@gmail.com__ or 617-819-4674
__www.officeofingenuity.org__(beta site)