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Manifesto (inspired by Stanford's
Our Intention is to…

1. Invest in "Innovators, NOT innovations." = Teachers with the right support offer the greatest ROI for social impact and change. = Professional Development

2. Broker and Facilitate revolutionary collaboration between communities and companies. = It's time for American industries to re-imagine their role in American schools through shared values, aka building the innovation pipeline. = Collaboration

3. Unshackle Ingenuity with integration. Schools created silos of learning (isolated departments/disciplines) but the brain doesn't work that way, nor does the world. = Curriculum Integration and Alignment

4. Grapple with “ginormous” Global issues, locally. Technology will support scalable solutions, but profound (transformational) learning is still the result of thought, action, and empathy. = Purposeful Education


Steve Chinosi
Chief Innovation Officer

457 Walnut Street
Newtonville, MA 02460


Founding Partners

The Village Bank
The Village Bank

Strategic Partners

cost-effective alternatives to traditional waste disposal
cost-effective alternatives to traditional waste disposal

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